The Spud-U-Like Mediocre 5000


I have finally decided to fully embrace the digital age by purchasing a smart phone – the Spud-U-Like Mediocre 5000 to be precise. Previously, I’ve had to rely on typewriters and pigeons – with a nagging wife in the place of preset alarm messages and a lute instead of the latest entertainment apps.  I have thus avoided the HB/NW horror that is a mobile ‘phone –  I mean, who wants a constant reminder that no-one will ever call you ?

Not for me the intoxicating dingaling of yet another rabid fan who has managed to grab my number.  Not for me the electrifying buzz of a mobile on silent during a pitch meeting, waiting to inform me that I’m being headhunted by the BBC.  No!  Just a brick in my pocket that never needs to be put on vibrate anyway – not even on Orange Wednesdays at the flicks – because no-one ever rings the bloody thing.

So why choose to buy one all of a sudden ?

It’s a long, convoluted but nevertheless entertaining story…

I have a friend who occasionally wears a Producer’s hat… and as you know, I love hats. I always get a little thrill when my mate tells me that he’s ‘putting on his producer’s hat for a moment’  – as there’s a teeny chance that further discussion will involve glorious me and my sweaty attempts to fondle fame.  For a brief spell, there’s hope that I’ll become more than mere creative scum that clings to the side of the bath of showbusiness – something greater than mere detritus, staining the porcelain of society’s lavatory…  In short, my pal in a producer’s hat makes me feel like a potentially living, breathing contributor…

This is all well and good, but when one receives an e-mail from a friend like this, saying simply “I take it that’s a no then ?”, it tends to make one spiral into panic.  This was the message that I read on my spam swamped e-mail account a few weeks ago – making me ever so slightly sick in my own mouth.  A no to WHAT ?!?!?!  Somewhere, I must have missed an e-mailed offer of a leg up and, not only had I flown nose first into yet another near miss with a fameoplane, but I had also no doubt offended my friend by ignoring his e-mails.

Damn all that electronic junk mail – it must have wrapped itself around my friend’s original missive, creating a giant spam sandwich with my mate’s mail squished unnoticed in its middle.

As you may have gathered, I like to think I’m a creative person – so much so that I have only the bare minimum grasp on the practicalities of real life. As such, I have very little clue or interest in working out how to set up a spam filter, so my e-mail account has suffered from advertising overload for the past decade.  This means that important messages get lost in a haze of words asking me whether or not I would like to enhance my genitals, or buy something else from Amazon, or enhance my genitals, or grab a quick look at ebay, or enhance my genitals.  (I almost entitled this article ‘Penis Enlargement Ruined my Career Chances… Again’, but I thought it might sound too saucy for googlers who might chance upon it.)   It comes as no surprise then, that an e-mail headed ‘Golden Opportunity to dig your way out of the brown bum-bread’ – emboldened with one of those little exclamation marks to denote something of high importance – would get scrolled out of view by strangers wishing to make my willy just a tad bigger.

I finally found my friend’s initial message, which included an incredibly kind offer of collaboration on something nice and creative – with any subsequent ideas ‘bigged up, producer stylee’ during a series of pitch meetings about to take place.  Having sent a hurried, apologetic e-mail to my chum, and having also publically flogged myself on Faecebook for the benefit of anyone who may also have been trying to contact me via e-mail for ten years, I discovered that the closing date for this particular round of pitches had now flown by…

‘Oops’ doesn’t quite cover it…

So I’ve now invested in a cheap mobile ‘phone with all the trimmings that the most frugal monthly package will allow.  I am now available and contactable should any situation like this occur again. I’m hoping that my new mobile e-mail account – designed to squirt infodribble into the palm of my hand faster than a drunk, oversexed teenager could shoot man yoghurt into his – will enable me to keep in touch with important stuff …

…until, that is, the world’s leading internet supplier of willy pumps gets wind of my new e-mail address…

I’ll give it a week!



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